Announcements and Updates

Announcements and Updates

Upgraded Printing and Photo-Copying Services

We're pleased to announce that the Library has upgraded the printing and copy machine system with new and advanced technology.

We've positioned this new equipment specifically for the convenience of our visitors. In addition, the following new improvements have been put in place:

• Cloud printing through Mobile Print: You can send documents for printing from a laptop or any smartphone with email capabilities.
• We've reduced the price of printing and photo-copying to 0.20 agurot a unit (down from 0.25 agurot)
• You are now free to print documents from any and all the printers and photo-copiers spread throughout the library.
• We have installed automatic paper feeders in all the machines.
• You can now pay by credit card, as well as debit cards
• Your payment is processed immediately after use.

For more information on printing and copying services​, click here

Increase in Loan Limit Policy

In order to improve loan services to our readers, as of October 3, 2018, the allotted number of books that can be borrowed will be increased. The updated borrowing policies are as follows:

Group Number of books Loan Period
Citizens, B.A. students 10 book 30 days
M.A. students, Library employees, Faculty and administrative staff of the Hebrew Univestiry,etc. 20 books 30 days
Lecturers and PhD students, Hebrew University professors etc. 40 books 90 days

Please note that the lending services requires a loan subscription that can be arranged at the circulation desk. 

For more information about our lending services, click here >>